A boy finds a bag of drug money and runs away with the girl he loves while her corrupt deputy father hunts them down through the Texas plains.  


Produced by: Tip-Top Productions & Woods Entertainment

Release: TBD 

Cast:   Bill Paxton

Sophie Nelisse

Josh Wiggins 

Colm Feore


Genre: Adventure Thriller

Run-time: 100 mins

Released: 2016

Country/Language: USA / English


Director: Nathan Morlando

Writers: Kevin Coughlin & Ryan Grassby

Producers: William Woods and Allison Black

Executive Producers: Rob McGillivray, Ben Stranahan, Patrice Theroux and Jonathan Bronfman

DOP: Steve Cosens 

Editor: Roland Sanders and Sandy Pereira

Casting Director: Angela Demo


Rotten Tomatoes Score: 80% 


Premiering Festival: Quinzaine at Canne Film Festival 2016 - Official Selection