A 70-year-old man, known only as “Prisoner”, writes a time travel letter to himself as a boy on the night of his execution. These are noir crime stories told in an anthology format with interconnecting characters.


Produced by: Tip-Top Productions, Bedford Blind & Master Key VFX

Release: TBD

Cast: Clancy Brown

        Frantz Turner

        Anne Leighton


Genre/Format: Sci-Fi Noir - Pilot Presentation

Run-time: 17 mins

Released: 2015

Country/Language: USA / English


Director: Andrew W. Chan

Writer: Sherman Kew

Producers: Rob McGillivray and Tanner Boyajian 

Executive Producers: Ben Stranahan, Andrew W. Chan & Sherman Kew

DOP: Matthew Chavez

Editor: Andrew W. Chan


Premiering Festival: New York Television Festival 2015 - Official Selection